We offer a number of ear and body piercing training courses:

Ear Piercing (£40, £20 concessions)

This four hour course covers more than just the basics – the first 2 hours cover the legal and licensing aspects and hygiene, then, after a twenty minute rest and relaxation break, with coffee and biscuits supplied, you watch an ear piercing performed, practice on a fake, cardboard ear, then on your model.

Introduction to body piercing (Free)

This is a simple, two hour taster session covering part of the theory of the paid course followed by a question and answer session. The whole point of the course is to help you decide if the paid course is for you or not.

Body Piercing Training Intensive (part one) £650

Covers ears and above the waist piercings.  It also covers surface piercings and skin diver implants.

This is a full day course, usually a Sunday, starting 8am and finishing 8pm. It starts with an introduction to the industry and then progresses to safety. An important part of this is the correct use of an autoclave or the use of pre-sterilised jewellery and disposable instruments, bloodbourne pathogen awareness, and proper cleaning. Aseptic technique is taught at the outset and reinforced throughout the course.

The theory part of the course also covers licensing, the law, official guidelines, contaminated waste and sharps, insurance etc.

We then progress to practical skills – the different types of tools we use, different needle sizes, different types of jewellery etc. Practice piercings are performed on pork skin, followed by real life piercings on volunteers.

Dermal piercing £300

This is recommended for experienced piercers who wish to progress to dermals.

Below the waist £300

Although many ladies’ private piercings are illegal in the UK, this covers the legal ones, and also men’s private piercings.