Ear Piercing

Ear PiercingWhy Blyth Body Piercing?

Our ear piercing service is Autism Friendly.  Please click here for more information.

Ear piercing is a surgical procedure, albeit a very minor one, so you want to make sure the person performing it knows what they are doing.

Here, your piercer isn’t just a student working Saturdays. He’s pierced literally thousands of ears, and pretty much everywhere else you can imagine. Coming from a background in microbiology, he understands the safety.  He is qualified and is licensed by Northumberland County Council.  All piercing jewellery is made in the UK or USA to EU standards. We use only approved, safe, disposable cassette systems meaning anything that touches your ears or the earrings is disposable and sterile.

Appointments aren’t necessary during normal advertised walk-in hours, although there is no extra charge if you would prefer an appointment out of hours.

Children under 16 must be accompanied by a parent.

To make it a more pleasant experience for everyone, we go a little beyond just providing the piercing. Included in the price is a bottle of aftercare solution, a bag of Haribo and a mini teddy bear.

Prices per pair:

– Surgical Steel – from £8/pair
– 24ct plated Steel – from £10/pair
– Titanium – from £15/pair
– Solid 9ct gold from £20/pair

There is no extra charge to pierce both ears at the exact same time.
Numbing cream is available for an additional fee, but by appointment only.

Mobile service available

Ear piercing is also available mobile, in the central Blyth area. This costs an extra £5/£10 depending on the location. We don’t charge a visit fee when you would have trouble managing the stairs to the studio.  There is also no visit fee for people on the Autism Spectrum or with similar differences who would not be comfortable doing it in a ‘strange’ environment.

We only use pre-sterilised British/USA made nickel compliant jewellery for ear piercing, and only use modern, health lab approved systems so that nothing that touches your ears or the studs is re-used.